Potential catalog for Potential Worlds exhibition at the Migros museum in Zürich.
The graphic line behind the catalog is a play on the relation between the macroscopical and the microscopical. The typeface is inspired by Lucky, drawn by Andre Pless and released by Mecanorma in 1973. Each letter is a block, that you carve in. I simplified the set of shapes, so that it can be stacked like legos. It works both as a map, like a birds eye view of UFO crop marks in a field and swarming microorganisms. The font has a robotic and organic feel. The text is divided into colums of two different widths, cut after the end of each paragraph, creating breezing space for the reader.
The bottom of the pages is reserved to captions and/or additional imagery. In the introduction essay, the caption images indicate the page numbers of the artist mentioned above, they work like an index.