MlM is a typeface family that was created alongside my diploma project Machine like Man.
Its structure comes from the dot-matrix grid-based fonts created for the early printers. The family consists of four styles: Vector, Italic, Pixel & Dotmatrix. The styles are based on the same grid — 9px high. The pixels can only be moved one by one vertically and by ½ a pixel horizontal-ly. The height of the grid limits the height of the character; accents are fitted to the ascendants. Italic was created by shifting the grid in a system-atic manner. In this family, Dotmatrix works as an equivalent to a light weight. Vector is based on the same grid and keeps the same horizontal weight, with soft optical corrections. My design process was bottom-up — starting from dot-matrix and going to outlines, rather than top-down — starting from master outlines and rasterising. The vector version is meant to be used in small sizes, and the component versions in big. The family is multi-plexed, all the cuts have the same metrics, which makes them easily interchangeable in a lay-out.