24/7 takes an alternative approach to raise awareness about climate change.
Highlighting the disproportionate attention accorded to our everyday routine in contrast to events happening on a larger scale, 24/7 is a subtle commentary on life in the 21st century and its subsequent effects upon the climate. One of the reasons for the disinterest in the climate change is the sense of being powerless to an event happening at such a huge scale. The project plays on scales, inverting micro routine and macro climate change. The broadsheet format is used to accentuate the disproportionate attention given to different events. The reader is involved in a visual play, the pairs engage a reflexive dialogue between the mundane everyday and its impact on the planet. The aim of the project is to spark an interest in a subject deemed dull by visually enticing the viewer to participate. The associations seem unusual at first glance. They catch the readers interest and urges them to work in order to find the information.