Benjamin is a modular typeface structured around key components that can be assembled in multiple ways in order to form the alphabet and numerals.
The shapes are inspired by school-taught handwriting, in which each letter adjusts to fit the previous letter. This determined the rythm of the typeface. The thickness of the stroke is based on a brushstroke. The alphabet follows a set of strict rules; a high x-height that makes the font round, short stems (ascenders/descenders) structured around two different circles. The font is designed so that as little components as possible are used. In order to form other letters, the components are repeated, rotated or mirrored, which gives the typeface a mechanical character. The final piece is a moveable typeset etched onto colourful perspex. I used the modular aspect of this typeface to develop a system of 32 perspex slides. Each slide is engraved with one of the components. These can be combined on an overhead projector, the assembled letters are projected on the wall.