Machine like Man focuses on the link between humans and machines, through the lense of one specific object: the keyboard.
Our primary source of contact with the computer, a tool that we use everyday for work and leisure, the keyboard, always at the tip of our fingers has practically become an extension of our hand. However it stays discreet and unnoticed. Today there is a lack of mechanic interaction, ironed out by flat touch-screens. In fact the pushbutton is slowly disappearing. I believe the act of pressing a key is a useful link between our thoughts and the printed letter on the paper. A necessary bridge that connects an otherwise disconnected action. A button being pressed and released allows us to unconsciously register the beginning and the end of the action. Something that swiping or touching does not allow for.
Machine like Man is a visual story of the evolution of the keys through the years, their architecture, the act of typing, the human posture and hand choreographies, the notion of pocket-size, port-able & handheld objects, as well as the notion of the office.
Photography Alina Andone. Cover illustration Lucile Billot.